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SERVPRO Debunks Five Property Damage Restoration Myths
Monday, July 4th 2022, 8:35 AM

5 Common Property Damage Restoration Myths

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SERVPRO Shares 5 Common Property Damage Restoration Myths

When a home or business owner is dealing with property damage, the amount of information and advice on how to proceed can be overwhelming and even conflicting. Effective damage restoration is possible, but it's essential to avoid misinformation and build a solid strategy. This article will cover some common myths relating to commercial property damage restoration.


Myth #1 There's No Way to Remove the Smell of Smoke

The smell of smoke is notoriously challenging to remove from an area to the point where many people claim that removing it is impossible. This odor sinks deeply into porous surfaces such as wood or fabric and can remain in the building for years without proper cleaning. However, a fire damage restoration company knows how to remove this smell quickly and effectively.

Restoration contractors can locate the smell's origin and treat the area with products to restore clean, fresh air. Additionally, they can seal off areas that have received excessive smoke, protecting the rest of the building. Although smoke removal is a challenging process, the idea that it is impossible is a myth.

Myth #2 Mold Can't Grow On a Dry-Looking Surface

Another commonly accepted myth is that if a surface appears dry, mold cannot grow on it. While mold does require moisture to develop, mold remediation is more complicated than it seems. A surface can appear dry but still house a significant amount of water below the surface.

Particularly when the material is porous, it is essential to dry it completely, not just on the surface level. If water pools on floorboards or other gapped materials, it can slip between the cracks and cause mold to grow underneath the floor. Therefore, the situation requires a thorough inspection from a water damage restoration company.

Myth #3 You're Done Drying When the Carpet is Dry

Many people believe that carpets are the most critical to dry following a water leak. However, while these surfaces absorb a lot of moisture and are crucial to dry, other surfaces in the building matter, too. After a leak, owners must dry the floors, walls, and ceilings to fully dry a property.

Myth #4 Carpet Cleaning is Counter-Productive

One commercial damage restoration myth that is somewhat strange is the idea that carpet cleaning leads to carpets getting dirtier over time. While ineffective technology or poor workmanship may have misrepresented carpet cleaning to you, modern carpet cleaners are highly effective at removing dirt, stains, and smells.

Myth #5 It's Cheaper to Do it Yourself

Although home and business owners can often save money by handling projects on their own, it is challenging to do this for damage restoration. Particularly in the case of a fire or flood, the damage to the building can be quite extensive and even threaten structural integrity. Improper repairs can lead to further damage as time goes on.

Therefore, working with an experienced restoration company can save building owners time and money while also protecting the safety and health of residents or patrons. These projects are complex, so it is essential to find a company you can trust before starting the process. SERVPRO is a trusted and experienced provider of water and fire damage restoration services in Las Colinas, TX,

With years of experience providing damage restoration services for Texas homes and businesses, the team at SERVPRO is perfectly equipped to handle residential or commercial damage restoration projects. The contractors always arrive promptly and can provide emergency restoration services when problems arise.

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